Effective immediately, I have directed city leaders to

It is a shame that the same attention has not been paid over the years to firefighters. Firefighters risk their lives in peacetime. Every day, firefighters face deadly situations without a second thought. On 8/26/11 at 9:17The Chicago Bears are coming into LP Field this weekend, along with their Quaterback Jay Cutler. I have one question for you Titan fans http://www.cheapjerseyswhloe.com/, Are you all going to show anyone that attends this Saturday night’s game wearing a 6 Jay Cutler jersey the SAME DISTAIN and ANIMOSITY that you show anyone at LP Field wearing a Peyton Manning jersey? Are you going to BOO Jay Cutler when he steps onto the field the way you BOO Peyton Manning when he steps onto the field? If not, then Titan fans are the BIGGEST, TWO FACED HYPOCRITES in all of SPORTS!!! You might say that Peyton Manning plays for the emeny, but remember, this weekend, Jay Cutler is the ENEMY in LP Field!!!!ENJOY ANY TITANS GAME WITHOUT ACTING LIKE PUNKS.AND BY THE WAY, BOOING AT ANY GAME IS A NORMAL REACTION TO SOMETHING A FAN SEES ON THE FIELD THAT THEY DISLIKE. BUT DON’T SCARE ANYONE THAT CHOOSES TO WEAR AN OPPONENTS ATTIRE; THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT ENJOYABLE EVERYONE HAVING FUN AT AN NFL GAME.BEING MEAN TO OTHERS, LIKE THROWING STUFF AT GROWN UPS OR CHILDREN, WHO WEAR OPPONENT’S ATTIRE; IS NOT RIGHT AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.SPEAK UP AND LET SOMEONE THERE KNOW.

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