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Don’t mention the play-offs

Ipswich Town fans shudder at the thought of it. Not even the idea of employing Nicolas Anelka as director of team spirit could fill them with more dread. “It is,” says one supporter, “a nightmare scenario.” And that is putting a gloss on matters.

The scenario, of course, is ending up in the play-offs. In the past three seasons Ipswich have collapsed there without as much as a stroll down Wembley Way. Now the doom merchants can sniff a repeat. Sure, George Burley’s side are sitting pretty in second place but two points from a possible 12 do not augur well. If Manchester City win their game in hand, Ipswich – whisper it – will drop to third.

Yet if Burley is feeling the strain he is hiding it impeccably. It seems cruel to talk to him about the play-offs, akin to to waving a bottle of wine under George Best’s buying a canada goose jacket online nose. But the Scot, perched on a sofa in his office, could hardly appear more relaxed. And that with the derby at home to Norwich tomorrow.

“There’s no doubt there is pressure,” the 43-year-old says. “There is added pressure on us because people get the picture that we best ideas about canada goose outlet on pinterest are dreading the play-offs. Teams like Wolves and Birmingham and Blackburn would be pleased as punch to get in the play-offs. We’ve got this thing over us that we’ve got to finish second.

“Of course we want to but we’ll certainly not worry about it. The fans and the media feel you can’t go through that again, but I’ve always believed you finish where you deserve after 46 games.

“Where you need luck is in the play-offs and I don’t think we’ve had that against Sheffield United and Bolton. I felt we were the better team in both.” Both ties, cruelly, were lost best ideas about canada goose outlet online on pinterest on away goals.

Burley, not surprisingly, is hardly a can you dry clean a canada goose coat huge fan of the play-offs in their current guise. linked site Good for keeping things alive, he concedes, but probably in need of a tweak. “People have said if you finish third you should go straight into the final instead of having to play two games,” he says. “That might be something which gives you an advantage.”

Certainly last year’s episode was harsh on Ipswich, who had finished third, a point behind Bradford. Had Wolves scored rather than hit the post against Paul Jewell’s team on the final day, Ipswich would have gone up. But it was carelessness as well as bad luck that cost them.

Three of the last five games were lost, notably a home match against Crewe, and this month’s results hint at another untimely failure to kill teams off. First an unbeaten run of 18 league games was ended at Portman Road by Portsmouth. Then Ipswich were held at home by Blackburn and defeated at Wolves, failing to capitalise on Manchester City’s slip. Graduates from the Novotna school of choking? Burley says not.

“It’s been disappointing as far as points are concerned but not in terms of performances,” he explains. “Some of our football has been outstanding; as well as we’ve played all season.

“We went to Birmingham and Wolves and completely outplayed them but unfortunately didn’t get the wins our football deserved. That’s where we’ve lacked. But we won’t be changing our tactics or style.”

While Burley, a member of the great Ipswich teams of the 70s, is in charge there is more chance of cloned pigs flying. “Football-wise we’re the best in the divi sion,” he says. “I wouldn’t swap us for anybody, even Charlton. Ipswich have got a style and the supporters want us to play in a certain manner. The chairman, the directors and I want that as well. I was brought up as a youngster by Bobby Robson at Ipswich and I won’t change it.

“Maybe if we went route one and used long throws all the time we might win where other times we won’t but I believe in the way we play and I believe we’re good enough to get promotion with that.”

Burley is convinced this is the best squad he has had since he took over a side tumbling out of the Premiership in December 1994. After all the heartbreaks it is also the most determined. Kieron Dyer has been missed but his £6.5m fee has enabled the astute manager to bring in several players, including the record signing Marcus Stewart for £2.5m from Huddersfield Town.

Among the staff and most fans there seems to be a genuine optimism. “Football supporters tend to look on the black side of things,” says Philip Ham, editor of the fanzine Those Were The Days. “But everyone is looking to second and not even considering the play-offs.” Few neutrals wish them ill.

But much as Ipswich’s stylish football is a help, it also looks their greatest hindrance. Jamie Scowcroft, the England Under-21 striker who has suffered through all three play-off defeats, explains: “Teams literally change their system and their personnel just to stop us, and sometimes they do that quite effectively. We work in training on trying to get round it but it’s a question of being can you wash a canada goose jacket in the washer patient. I think that’s probably our biggest problem.” As Burley says: “That’s what we’ve got to overcome to win promotion.”

The good news for Ipswich is that they are hardly alone in inconsistency among the leading lights. And apart from Charlton, whom they play in their penultimate match, they meet no one in the current top seven before the season ends. Not that tomorrow will be easy. Norwich’s caretaker manager Bryan Hamilton black friday 2013 canada canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupon goose sale is a former Ipswich player and Burley’s one-time No2. The atmosphere should be better than it often has been at Portman Road.

“I think against some teams the fans just expect us to turn up and win,” Scowcroft says. “They’re nervous of us finishing in the play-offs and if we do finish third some people might see that as a bit of a disaster and a failure. The expectation is high.”

The need to go up is also great with the club losing more than £1m a year in the First Division. Their success is all the more impressive given the enforced sales of players such as Dyer and Mauricio Taricco.

Whatever happens, Burley knows Richard Wright could be can you wash a canada goose parka hard to hold on to. He expects Kevin Keegan to take the goalkeeper to Euro 2000 – “I know Kevin’s talked to Richard and other people and I’m almost sure he’ll go” – but for the time being all eyes are on second spot.

“We’ve only got one aim and that’s to finish in best place to buy a canada goose jacket the top two,” Scowcroft says. “We’ll be bitterly disappointed if we don’t. But if we get in the play-offs, so be it. Losing the last three has been a hard pill to swallow but winning at Wembley would certainly be a good way to go up.” If it comes to it, fourth time lucky, perhaps.

1996-97 Finished: fourth. Five wins in their last six games lifted mid-table Town to play-offs. Were leading 2-1 in the semi-final second leg with 13 minutes left when Andy Walker put Sheffield United through on away goals. Play-off Sheff Utd 1 Ipswich 1. Ipswich 2 Sheff Utd 2 aet. Promoted through play-offs Crystal Palace (sixth) black canada goose parka

1997-98 Finished: fifth. Having been as low as 15th in the middle of January, Town’s amazing run of 16 wins in their last 20 games took them to within eight points of second-placed Middlesbrough. But they lost the winning habit after Jamie Clapham, right, conceded an own-goal early in the first leg of the play-off semi-final. Play-off Ipswich 0 Charlton 1. Charlton 1 Ipswich 0. Promoted through play-offs Charlton (fourth)

1998-99 Finished: third. In the top four by October, Town were three points clear in second place after a 3-1 win over QPR on April 5. Then three defeats in the last five games allowed Bradford to pip them to the second automatic spot by a single point. Despite a roller-coaster semi-final second leg, Ipswich were never in front on aggregate. Play-off Bolton 1 Ipswich 0. Ipswich 4 Bolton 3 aet. Promoted through play-offs Watford (fifth)

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Strachan deserves support and not derision

I was horrified at the sight of Coventry fans remonstrating australiaprada with Gordon Strachan after the 3-1 home defeat by Everton last Saturday. And the fact that the supporters are not the only ones making their feelings known is a sign of the problems at Highfield Road.

The way in which the chairman Bryan Richardson has stuck by Gordon is highly commendable but where I strongly disagree with Bryan, who is a personal friend, is in his decision to criticise the players publicly.

By doing that he may have alienated them. Bryan might say they couldn’t do any worse, and he’s certainly entitled to call the squad into a room to let them know what he thinks, particularly with the manager’s permission. But I don’t feel any good comes from Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Sale mouthing off in public.

Sometimes that looks as if it’s passing the buck, and the fact is that everyone shares responsibility. I’m sure Gordon knows he has to take as much blame as any of the players, given that he’s Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi responsible for choosing the team and the tactics, and the board have a share as well.

They may have been the people who decided Robbie Keane had to leave last summer. It may also be that Gary McAllister’s contract should have been sorted out earlier to stop Liverpool taking him as a Bosman bargain. Whatever, Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Official Website the bottom line is that Coventry have gone rapidly backwards.

After having quite a decent season last year and finishing 14th, they have not properly replaced Keane and McAllister, the leading scorers last season Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Sale who shared 23 of the club’s 47 Premiership goals, or Noel Whelan, for whom I have the highest regard as a striker.

David Thompson from Liverpool looks a good prospect but Craig Bellamy has not yet justified his £6.5m Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online price tag and players have been brought for £1m here and £500,000 there over recent seasons without making any great impact. I’m thinking of people such as Ysrael Zuniga, Ivan Guerrero and John Aloisi.

Lee Carsley, who joined for £2m last month, is a useful midfielder but the midfield area doesn’t seem to be the main priority. The real problem is scoring goals and maybe that money should have been put towards bringing in someone such as Clinton Morrison or bringing back Darren Huckerby.

As it was, because Authentic Prada Handbags Online Cédric Roussel didn’t want to go to Wimbledon, Gordon couldn’t sign John Hartson, although I’m not sure Hartson would be the answer, knowing how Gordon puts an emphasis on physical fitness and players who can train consistently.

As far as preparation goes, a change of environment or training might help. Concentrating on a livelier, lighter approach or going away somewhere might get a response, and every little helps because this is Gordon’s biggest challenge.

I know Gordon well, having managed him at Manchester United and then signed him for Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware Coventry in 1995 on the premise that he would have a couple of years learning the ropes and then succeed me.

The chairman asked me when I took the job if I would groom a young manager and it was between Gordon and Chrissie Waddle. Chrissie was a key player then at Sheffield Wednesday, whereas Gordon had been more or less told by Leeds that he had no playing future there.

I involved Gordon in everything, whether it was sitting in on transfer deals or having a considerable input in training. His biggest strength is his enthusiasm and his ability to work endless hours, but he now faces a test of Black Prada Chain Bag his man-management skills more than anything.

Inevitably Gordon will be feeling the pressure and the strain but it’s vital he doesn’t go under because if the players see him do that their heads will drop. If they see him busy and enthusiastic, geeing them up, that will keep Best Prada Outlet In Italy them going.

Unless it all affects his family overmuch I can’t see Gordon quitting because he’s a very proud man, and in any case it’s by no means a lost cause. It’s not as if Coventry are in the position Nottingham Forest were when I went there in 1998. They’re very much in contact in the table and a lot of their players can draw on experience of how to get out of such situations.

What it will need, though, is a real togetherness from top Are All Prada Products Made In Italy to bottom. And that includes backing from the fans, who should remember that one of the best displays ever in a Coventry shirt was Gordon Strachan’s at Tottenham in a game we won 3-1 in 1995 to stay up. I just hope he can have the same impact from the sidelines.

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L to R: Desi Oakley (Princess Fiona)

Mum takes ‘funny’ photo of her daughter breaks down when she realises chilling truth behind itInitially it was just an amusing snap to send to her husband, until she learned the heartbreaking reality10:23, 21 JUN 2016Updated12:47, 21 JUN 2016The story behind the little girl’s actions is devastating (Photo: Stacey Wehrman Feeley) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA mum who took a seemingly innocent snap of her daughter standing on a toilet has spoken of how she ‘broke down’ when she realised the true meaning behind it.Stacey Wehrman Feeley, from Michigan in the USA, shared the photo of her three year old to her Facebook page.She wrote: “I took this picture because initially I thought it was funny. I was going to send it to my husband to show what our mischievous little three year old was up to.”However, the moment she told me what she was doing I broke down.”She was practising for a lockdown drill at her preschool and what you should do if you are stuck in a bathroom.”Stacey had the heartbreaking realisation that her little girl was practising hiding from a gunman, should one enter her nursery.She continues: “At that moment all innocence of what I thought my three year old possessed was gone.”Politicians take a look. This is your child, your children, your grandchildren, your great grand children and future generations to come.”They will live their lives and grow up in this world based on your decisions.”They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats.”I do not know what will be harder for them? Trying to remain quiet for an extended amount of time or trying to keep their balance without letting a foot slip below the stall door?”She goes on to say that gun control might not eliminate 100% of gun crime but if it makes any sort of difference, it’s worth it.Stacey asks what the USA is doing to tackle gun crime, before powerfully ending her note with: “I am not pretending to have all the answers or even a shred of them, but unless you want your children standing on top of a toilet fake ray ban sunglasses, we need to do something!Read more: Bus passenger tries to ‘educate’ Muslim woman is taught an embarrassing lesson himself.

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